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Safety First-Site Safety for Military Personnel

We make every effort to ensure this site is as safe and secure as it is
possible to make a site on the internet.  We protect our members privacy
and safety zealously, starting with discouraging publication of
personal email addresses on profiles, as, even such an innocuous thing
can give a confidence trickster (Or worse), "A foot in the door", into
parts of a persons private life that they may not want to voluntarily
share with a stranger. We think it necessary as not everyone is as
honest as yourself and some strangers are not who or what they say they
are. (If someone you don't know tries to lure you away from the site
don't be persuaded under any circumstances. There is absolutely no
reason to follow anyone elsewhere as literally anything legal that they
wish to say or show you can be done here, on site, in privacy, and

I am ex military so I understand certain things like pride in unit and
corps for instance, though if you do feel a need to show a picture of
yourself in your uniform, please make sure that your unit, corps, place
you're stationed or any part of your service number is not in view,
(obviously it is not always possible to hide your rank).  This is all
privileged information pertinent to yourself, keeping it secure helps
you, your family and your colleagues to stay safe whether you are
currently on active service or not.  If someone outside your family or
trusted circle of friends starts hinting or asks you about such
information, don't tell!

Having got that said, please feel free to make use of all the amenities
on site that are there for you.  Mail, IM, Video and Voice only are
valuable resources when you are away from home, and at no extra charge,
so relax, enjoy your time here, whether you are searching for that
special someone, looking for a friend or just using the site for the
convenience of communication with friends and family back home.
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