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why am i not talked to on my profile?

There are many reasons why you may not get people coming to your profile or why members do not talk to you, here are just a few:

One of the main reasons a member does not get a response is that the profile is not completed, profiles that have information and a
profile picture have a much greater response than the ones that have just basic information or no profile picture!

Another reason is that a profile may have the wrong information on it, the best way to fill a profile is to use the form and just put
short descriptions where needed!

If a person does not answer to a question it is that they are offline or just not interested in the other persons profile, the profile is
the main form of breaking the ice and getting other members to talk, it should be used for just that!

Unverified members and basic members cannot use the chat or post on walls etc. if you contact a basic or unverified member just
remember that they cannot answer you unless they get a subscription of some level!

One thing you will not find on is fake profiles, every member is a real person and every profile is filled out by the same
this is the main reason for the email verification system that is used on this site!
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