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Why are matchmaking preferences important?

Every profile on the site, whether for dating or finding friendship, has a matchmaking profile, this is important for the following reasons:

Should you be looking for friendship, if you fill in the matchmaking profile and list the things you want to find in a friend, such as hobbies
the area or country you live etc the matchmaking profile will automatically send a number of matches to your registered email address
for you to look over.

The same thing goes for dating, however on the dating side of things you should fill out as much as you can as the more information
the system has the better the matches will be that are sent to your registered email address, having all your matches at 100%
compatible just shows a basic match and shows that you need to fill out the form.

The form is found under the icon on the top right of the page!

If on the other hand you do not wish to fill in the form for matchmaking then you need to ask yourself the following question,
"Why did i join MilesApart"
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