Warning Signs To Look For

1, Scammers tend to use photos of models from modelling agencies or from magazines.

2, Scammers often ask for your email address right from the start of the conversation, or give you theirs, they want to communicate off site as soon as they possibly can.

Remember this is how they build their email data base and you will be helping them do just that!

3, Scammers have a hard luck story, they make you feel worried or sorry for them and then they ask you for help or money, or in some cases even get you to offer it because you are so trusting or a nice person.

4, Scammers may offer you money, they will do this to gain your trust and once done; they will send counterfeit cashier’s check/bank draft; this will eventually bounce at your bank and get you into trouble and may face criminal charges of fraud.

5, Scammers are from your country or a trusted country; but travels for their job in another country, state or city, they have lost their ID and money and have been arrested or injured and urgently need money to get back home.

6, The member requesting your contact is from Africa (especially Ghana or Nigeria), this will normally show on their profile as the USA, this site has a map of where they say they are living click on the address and zoom in on the earth map, after you ask them a few leading questions they will soon tell you that they are in Africa helping a family member or something similar.

7, There are large banks of computers all over many countries; these are full of people paid to sit at the computer all day and scam innocent hard working people. It

is more than a $100 million dollar business, that’s a year and the figure is constantly growing; do not help them build on this.

8, The member requesting your contact is from Russia or Ukraine, but do not state that on their profile, There are agencies in these countries that enter large numbers of fake profiles on dating sites; these use good looking pictures of people in an aim to scam lovesick men and women into sending them money to travel to their country or to help other personal or family problems; this scam could also include such things as credit card fraud, excessive charges to an affiliated or fake travel company, etc.

The photos and pictures are in fact fake, it is not the person you are writing to; the ladies and gentlemen are not real and you will never meet or see the person you are writing to.

9, The member you are talking to speaks or writes in very broken English; the reason for this is most scammers will run their profiles through automated translators, this makes their profiles, emails and chat look and sound very strange; scammers, who do not know or understand English, often do not even know what their emails say, sometimes they will put the same letter in their profile narrative that they use to mass email people with; Do not let them get away with it!

10, Many scammers will have copied their profiles from other real profiles so they will sound perfect. They also use models photos or photos sent to them by past victims of theirs.

11, Scammers will often write flattering letters to people out of their age range and to those who have stated that they are lonely in their profile, or to recently widowed, they have no shame or morals; report them.

12, Scammers will give you a lot of personal information right away; this makes you feel comfortable and willing to share your own personal info with them, they will also often make up a first and last name for their profile, this makes you feel safe. They will often use common names for this purpose.

13, A scammer wants you to leave the site to use your personal email or IM because it is so much easier for them that way and they may actually state sometimes they will not accept responses through this dating site; do not fall for it if they want to talk to you it would not matter where you talked and at least milesapart is safe and secure.

14, Mail you receive is often poetic, pretty words with no meaning, general flattery almost generic, they do not directly address questions or concerns you have voiced or remarks you have made and will use a lot of seductive or pet nicknames for you instead of your name, this is both to keep things simple and general so they can send the same letter to many people via a mass mailing system.

15, The scammer gives you the name of another website and asks you to meet them there, so you think that is alright but; ask yourself why when you are both here already, or they will invite you to view them on the live video chat or even a porn site, but beware some of these sites are setup only to gather your personal information, you may and probably be asked to enter your email address, credit card information or other personal information, you may even end up with spyware or a virus on your computer, and there is a lot worse that can happen, you may find yourself being recorded and the copy could end up being shown around the internet.

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