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The importance of a profile picture and profile information!

There are a number of reasons why you should put a profile picture on your profile page, these are as follows:

If you are here for dating or just to find friends, profile pictures stand out in the list where the male or female symbol does not!

When matches are received by our members in their email they are more likely to look at your profile if they can see a profile picture and not just a symbol!

When you use the search do you look at the profiles that show a person, 99% of other members will check out the profiles that show a picture first and only
if they do not find the type of person they are looking for do they then check through the rest of the profiles marked with a symbol!

A profile picture works just like a gateway, it will bring members to your profile and can be the start of a great friendship or maybe more!

A profile picture will make your profile look more credible and is an invite to attract people to your page!

All the above also apply to the profile information, when you look at a profile page and are able to read about the person you are more likely to want to talk to
them if you know something about them like hobbies  or occupation etc. a blank profile looks as if you do not want people to talk to you and then they wonder
why you are on the site.

Think about the information above and if you cannot see the reasons to fill in the information or put up a profile picture, ask yourself the following question,

“ why am I here?”


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